HR, IT, Legal and Corporate & Regulatory Affairs

Talents are the key assets of our company.

Human Resources

Talents are the key assets of our company. That is why Human Resources (HR) at BAT Vietnam is all about how to attract the right local talents, develop them to the next level in their career, and retain them with the organisation. To drive for an ambitious and vibrant people agenda, we always proactively innovate and renovate our HR approach and the supporting tools to ensure that we put in place what is best for our people. As part of a truly global company, BAT Vietnam inherits the best legacy in terms of standardized talent management processes, robust reward strategy, strong learning and development agenda, and talent mobility across different markets within the Group.

Working in HR at BAT Vietnam, you will join a dynamic and innovative team to bring the best global HR practices to develop Vietnamese talents into future leaders and build a winning organisation. As HR Business Partners, you will provide strategic consultancy to all other business functions on their people agenda, drive for organizational effectiveness and ensure that our people are listened, taken care of, and provided with the right opportunities.    


Coming to BAT Vietnam, you are not only a lawyer, but you are also a business thinker. As one of our senior counsel stated “BAT requires a high-standard lawyer with innovative thinking, business mind, ceaseless passion and determination to dig into the "forest of laws" until finding the best solution for the business and enjoy the "Eureka" moment like seeing 7 diamonds appear at the end of the tunnel.” With a complex legal environment of the industry, Legal function in BAT Vietnam presents many challenges that can stimulate your thinking and inspire you to constantly upgrade your knowledge and engagement skills.

The Legal team at BAT entities in Vietnam provides strategic advice and support in all fronts from corporate governance, to marketing, and regulatory compliance. Moreover, the opportunity to advise other markets within the East Asia Area (including Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Philippines), and participate in cross-market working groups in the regional and global legal team enable the lawyers to build their international/cross-markets experience. This is part of the roadmap for you to become not only a great lawyer, but also a great leader with a global career. 

Corporate and Regulatory Affairs

Corporate and Regulatory Affairs at BAT Vietnam acts as the face of the organization. There are four functions including Corporate Communications & CSR, Commercial Affairs, Regulatory Affairs, and Brand Enforcement. Experts of these functions deal with key external stakeholders from government agencies, media agencies to commercial organisations, and other business partners on the daily basis. Building corporate reputation, advocating the battle to fight against illicit cigarette trade, developing stakeholder engagement strategy, internal communication and internal stakeholder management are the key working areas. Working in these fields for BAT Vietnam, you will be challenged to raise the bar of your communications and engagement skills, as well as strategic stakeholder management. The combined knowledge of PR, marketing communication, internal communication, event management, and diplomacy will maximise your chance of success at BAT Vietnam. 


IT is the bone of our organization as whether the business can run smoothly depends on the accurate and effective supporting information technology systems. From operations, production, to finance and marketing, IT is the go-to function for all technical issues. IT team at BAT Vietnam will also have a chance to interact with the regional and global IT team on the constant basis for exchange of knowledge and latest IT solutions available.