As one of the market leaders in the tobacco industry with seed-to-smoke operation, Operations function at BAT Vietnam presents a full range of opportunities and rewarding challenges for those who want upgrade their knowledge and expertise in supply chain to another level.

At BAT Vietnam, you will be one of the first to get hands-on interaction with the most modern technology in production machinery, and apply the international supply chain process and standards in Vietnam. With a unique joint venture business model, working in Operations at BAT Vietnam allows you to develop not only your functional skills, but also a commercial mind-set, the engagement skills and the abilities to convey your expertise and ideas to different stakeholders. You will also interact with international colleagues on a constant basis to share and learn from the best.

Operations at BAT Vietnam is divided into:

  • Supply Planning & Procurement
  • Primary Manufacturing Division
  • Secondary Manufacturing Division

The Supply Planning and Procurement team is in charge of supply demand planning, new product planning, procurement and logistics services.

The Primary Manufacturing Division Joint Venture (PMD) operates as a separate manufacturing company on its own. In partnership with Vinataba, PMD covers the whole supply chain process from leaf growing, raw materials supply planning to cut rag processing. From here, the cut rag will then be supplied to our licensed factories to produce the finished goods.

The Secondary Manufacturing Division Joint Venture (SMD) completes the road to our market through producing the premium finished products to deliver to our consumers. It also occupies a full supply chain from materials planning, logistics, procurement and manufacturing.

To succeed in Operations here, you will need to have the abilities to handle multiple tasks and flexible attitude to changes and work as a part of a collective team. Out-of-the-box thinking and the desire to learn are also key elements to help you go further in Operations at BAT. 

Ngo Chon Tri
I started with BAT as an Electronic Specialist. BAT has made me feel confident of myself when putting me in various positions from Technical Manager, Head of Technical Services, Head of Production and now Head of Supply Planning. During my years with BAT, every single day is a nice discovery of myself, and of my work. As a Head of Supply Planning, I have to coordinate with the Asia Pacific Supply Chain Services Center and BAT Vietnam’s licensed manufacturers to ensure that all materials shipments are properly planned on time and in full. I also lead a New Product Introduction (NPI) team for Vietnam and export markets. My NPI team has to work closely with the brand team and the Regional Product Centre in order to develop new products to meet the market demand. Other parts of my role include providing technical and quality services support to our licensed factories to make sure that our machines are well maintained to produce high quality products according to BAT Global standards. The work is exciting in the way that you need to deal with various stakeholders locally and internationally every day to ensure best and timely supply to the markets. So far, the contributions that I feel very proud of are supplying very high quality products to the market with effective operating cost, and more importantly, to develop and motivate my team to perform and reach new level in their career."
Ngo Chon Tri, Head of Supply Planning