Our reputation

Apart from being the industry leader with best products for adult smokers, we take our pride in being a responsible corporate in all fronts.

Our market success

With nine brands in Vietnam, we own some of the most established and trusted brands for adult smokers. For those who choose to smoke, we are committed to bringing them the best quality products. It is thanks to our constant innovation for the past 20 years, BAT has set a strong foothold in the Vietnamese market. We can proudly say that BAT in Vietnam has the reputation of a fast-growing and innovative business model.

Our CSR agenda in Vietnam

As a responsible corporate running in Vietnam, we are highly committed to contributing to develop Vietnam’s community at large. Our CSR agenda is localized according to the needs of different Vietnamese communities and based on the three pillars:

  • Sustainable Agriculture and Environment: account for up to 70% of our annual investment. We are known for consistent afforestation programs since 2002, providing sustainable agricultural techniques training for farmers (both tobacco growers and others), developing rural infrastructure, etc.
  • Empowerment: account up to 30% of our annual investment. We prioritize programs that empower disadvantaged residents to improve their life. A few examples of our contributions include microfinance programs, disaster relief programs, wheelchair donation programs, etc.
  • Engage BAT people: at BAT Vietnam, we value employees who are responsible corporate citizens. Each year we engage our employees in meaningful community activities and encourage new ideas to improve quality of life in the community.