Career development

If you have talent and passion, you don’t have to worry about your development. We will take care of it for you!

In fact, about 91% of our employees spend less than 3 years in one position before being promoted or rotated. This represents one of the fastest career tracks among the FMCG companies. In such an exciting market as Vietnam, we always have opportunities and development plans for people who prove capabilities and commitment to the organization.

Bringing Vietnamese talents to the world

You will soon find out that BAT Vietnam opens the door for you to a global career. This does not necessarily means you will be required to travel out of the country on a constant basis. A global career at BAT Vietnam means that you will have access to a global pool of knowledge in all business functions from marketing, finance, to operations, HR, IT, and corporate affairs. You will have the right to move across different markets if you choose to and have the capabilities required. You will have the opportunities to work with global-minded colleagues and receive coaching from talented leaders from many parts of the world. 

Thanks to our strong commitment to develop Vietnamese talents, many have taken senior leadership roles within our organisation as well as in other markets of BAT. Learn more about their journeys and start to draft your own. 

I graduated from HCMC Economics University with a major in Accounting & Auditing in 2003. I first joined Nestle as Finance Management Trainee and left the company after 5 years. My journey with BAT Vietnam started in 2008, with the first position as Finance Planning and Reporting Executive. Over the course of 7 exciting years, I have had the opportunities to take 4 different roles and currently working as Senior Finance Manager. BAT has provided me with very high quality training in many different ways, from on-the-job learning, online courses to formal classroom training to develop my functional as well as leadership capabilities. All of these have enabled me to continuously learn and grow every day. I particularly like the Mentor program in which I was coached by more senior colleagues in the organization to help me enrich my Leadership Capabilities. Their real-life experiences, not only in work but also from their personal life, have been my inspiration throughout my BAT career.
Vu Thi Hai Ha, Senior Finance Manager
My journey to BAT is a rather an interesting switch from a totally different industry. Until now, it is the decision that I have never regretted making. I had been in the hospitality industry for over 15 years before joining BAT. My first position with BAT was HR Business Partner for Marketing in October 2009. During my time with the company, the audacious spirit of the company to challenge the status quote has never failed to inspire me. After 5 years with the organization, I am now given a challenge that I feel very proud of and honored to take, which is to be the Head of Human Resources for BAT Vietnam. Throughout my career here, BAT has given me many precious opportunities to challenge myself, not only in Vietnam but also in other markets. I was the Head of HR for Cambodia, then took the position of Regional Organisation Effectiveness and Talent Manager. These assignments have been very critical in enabling me to reach my current position.
Dao Le Duyen, Head of Human Resources
Our Global Management Trainee program

We can proudly say that we offer talented fresh graduates one of the best MT programs in Vietnam. From Marketing, Finance, to Operations and Human Resources, we offer you the most competitive package both in compensation and in career prospects. Our MTs have now taken senior leadership roles in various functions.

Meet some of our graduates 
I graduated from University in 2008 with a Degree in Engineering, but interestingly, with a great interest in Finance. At that time I was wondering how I could move to a totally different profession without having to study for another Degree, and lucky for me, I was introduced to BAT Management Trainee (MT) Programme. The MT Programme was absolutely a fantastic learning and development opportunity, even for someone without a proper background. From an engineer, I was trained by the most intelligent people I've ever known, with the most practical curriculum through actual problem-solving in daily work, to become a competent Finance Manager in 2010. Priceless opportunities were given to me to learn, develop and prove myself, not only during but also after the Programme, not only in the home market but also in other markets.During my tenure with BAT, I was sent overseas twice to work, learn new things, solve new problems and further build my foundation.
Time flies and it's already nearly 7 years now in my learning journey with BAT, and I've been through 5 or 6 different positions since my graduation from the Programme but yet I still see that there is a lot more to learn! I'm sure that 7 years ago, as an Engineering fresh grad, I couldn't ever imagine that only 7 years later I could be doing what I am doing now: leading the Finance function of an entity that generates annual revenue of more than a hundred million dollars! Only BAT can give you that, and only the MT Programme can enable you to do so. So if you are hungry for knowledge and opportunities to challenge yourself, opportunities to prove your functional and leadership capabilities: this is the place to be, and the MT Programme will be an excellent starting point for your dream journey.
Pham Viet Cuong, Head of Finance, VINA-BAT Joint Venture,Vietnam,Finance Management Trainee 2008-2010
Ngo Thuy Diem Phuong
My journey with BAT started when I just graduated from university in 2008. I was first impressed by its professional recruitment process versus other FMCG companies that I had known of. Throughout my 7-year journey with BAT, I can say that BAT provides you a career rather than a job. Some may wonder the difference between the two: a job is something for you to sell your expertise for a living while a career is where you can further enhance your expertise and grow your talent. And BAT is the place for the latter. After graduating from the MT program, in the role of Brand Manager, I was given an opportunity which for me was a great experience of my life ever: to launch a BAT global strategic brand in Vietnam market for the first time. The 6 months working on it worth 2 years of learning experience. I had to say that the feeling of satisfaction was indescribable when seeing “my own baby” doing well in the market. Shortly after that, I was promoted to Senior Brand Manager to continue to build that brand to the next level. Yet it doesn’t stop there. BAT is where your talents really see no limits. From launching a totally new brand to the market, I was given the opportunity to manage 2 well established local brands in the market, contributing more than 80% of BAT Vietnam volume. It was completely awesome and extremely challenging to a certain extent. Yet I made it, after 2.5 years, I was once again given the new challenge as the Category Director for another new territory that BAT would like to expand and further drive in its portfolio. Every single day during my past 7 years with BAT has never been the same because it has always been filled with learning, stretching, challenges, and opportunities. At the age of 29, I am happy with my achievements so far and the great people I have been fortunate to work and be friend with. I even have a group of friends all around the world thanks to my years with BAT in International Assignments, and working with regional and global team. Everything about BAT from its people, its culture, and its working environment has made me feel like home every time I walk into any of BAT offices around the world.
Ngo Thuy Diem Phuong, Group Brand Manager, VFM, Marketing Management Trainee 2008 – 2010
Prior to joining BAT I was an English teacher from the UK making my way through Asia. I had hopes to travel the world and teaching English was the key to that goal. However, I was introduced to BAT's Management Trainee Programme in 2011 in Vietnam, where I was teaching at the time, and it opened my eyes to the corporate world. I had considered the different MT programmes available but eventually chose BAT because I could see that it is the one of few companies that really cares about its people and their career development. The MT programme gave me the opportunity to live in another country which fulfilled my goal to travel and having since graduated I have also travelled and worked in multiple other end markets. BAT accepted me onto the Finance track of the MT programme despite my education background being in Cross-Cultural Management. This really impressed me as it shows BAT's ability to see the potential in people and this only reinforces its beliefs in empowering and developing its employees. Of course it was a steep learning curve and the road wasn't without its bumps or fair share of challenges but I have had an amazing experience on the MT programme. It has not only built a sound foundation for my future career but also taught me a lot of life skills.
Most importantly of all I have forged amazing cross-border friendships within the company. One of my most memorable experiences working at BAT was when my MT coach and I were working on a project from 6am to 2am for six days straight. Some may think this it is crazy but we did it by choice! It was an exhilarating feeling, to know you're able to work on a project that was materialising into real significant business results, that we just didn't want to go home until it was done. I must admit that I am a person who is easily bored but at BAT I am always kept on the tip of my toes and no two days are the same. The rotational nature of the MT programme has given me solid all-round knowledge of the business, this has allowed me to adapt to new roles in the business very quickly and hit the ground running with every project or role I am placed in. It has also definitely improved my finance acumen to prepare me for the current role which is rather 'accounting-intensive'. As for me and my plan for the future, I think I'll probably be on the move again somewhere within the BAT network. With the constant change that comes with the job then it's hard to say where! But I am lucky to say that I am still as excited about the job today as my first day on the job.
Paul Tang, Finance Planning and Reporting Manager, Finance Management Trainee 2011-2013

What your journey will look like 

Bui Huong Cam My
I started my journey with BAT as a Supply Chain Management Trainee in 2014, despite my background in finance and having no experience in supply chain. However, the functional rotation designed by the programme has helped me quickly develop both functional knowledge and soft skills over the last year. It was great that I even had a chance to stretch myself by experiencing the role and responsibilities of a managerial position and leading a team. During the second year, the journey is even more fascinating with the cross-functional rotations and international assignment. I am excited and look forward to these rotations, where I will have an overview of the business itself as a whole and enhance my functional knowledge with the best practices from other businesses within the Group.
Bui Huong Cam My, Supply Chain MT 2014 - 2016
It has been an eye-opening experience for me as a Marketing MT so far. Rotating to different departments within the business for me is the most appealing aspect of the program. BAT really gives me the opportunities to have hands-on experience in a variety of settings and develop a full understanding of how each function contributes to the whole business. As a Marketing MT, it has actually changed the way I see marketing and I have developed market sensitivity to identify proper opportunities to connect with the consumers. I have been in the Sales team, Channel Development, Strategic Planning and Insights, and Brand. I am currently attaching with the Insights team in Globe House, London for a 6 month international assignment."
Nguyen Manh Quoc Dung, Marketing MT 2014 - 2016
Huynh Thi Hong Hanh
Being a Marketing MT of BAT Vietnam, I have had opportunities to rotate among different departments, working with variety of stakeholders from different backgrounds. This is how BAT differs itself from others in nurturing future talents, giving them a complete picture of how the business operates as a united entity, not as Marketing or any other individual functions. Besides that, the family-like environment here at BAT will never let anyone feel left alone. Company days, CSR days, team building days, etc. will make you "WOW" at us - BAT-ers, who work hard, play hard! Adventurous, challenging, unique are the three words that I can describe my experience with BAT so far. I look forward to even more challenges to come in the next 2 years of the program and beyond.
Huynh Thi Hong Hanh, Marketing MT 2014 - 2016