Reward and recognition

Our reward strategy is to provide a market competitive package, support employees' career development and create a friendly and empowered working environment for employees to make an impact in BAT Vietnam.

What sets us apart from other organisations?

1. Our global grading structure

A clearly defined grading structure across the entire organization enables our employees to speak the same language in understanding the job size and responsibility in each of the markets they are working in. In other words, job grade of an individual in Vietnam will bear the similar scope of work and responsibility in the organization compared with someone working in Cambodia, India, or the US. This encourages talent mobility of employees within the Group. 

2. Our competitive reward positioning

We maintain our competitiveness to the market by benchmarking our salary ranges annually to the market. This ensures that we are relevant to the market and able to attract and retain talents in our company.

3. Our pay for performance philosophy

We are known for our Pay for Performance philosophy. We value our talents and provide an environment for our employees to develop their career. We encourage employees to bring their passion and energy and to relish every challenge for a rewarding career in BAT.