Tobacco manufacturing in Vietnam

Tobacco manufacturing in Vietnam is a complex activity with a long supply chain and participation of numerous partners.

Tobacco manufacturing in Vietnam is a complex activity with a long supply chain and participation of numerous partners. To us, quality plays a crucial role and we make a great effort in every step of manufacturing to ensure our products meet the expectation of our customers.

Cigarette manufacture involves cut rag processing, cigarette rolling and product packing.

Cut rag manufacturing

The process converts tobacco leaves that arrive in 200 kg cases into batches of cut rag that is ready to be made into cigarettes.

Preliminarily processed tobacco leaf is delivered from the Green Leaf Threshing plant to the British American Tobacco-Vinataba joint venture’s factory in Dong Nai Province. The factory is located on an area of 60,000 square meters and listed among the most modern factories of the British American Tobacco Group. The factory has the most modern equipment supplied by Hauni (Germany), Dickinson Legg (UK) and such breakthrough technologies as KT2 cutter (for both stems and laminas of tobacco leaf), air-curing set, air convective curing machine and the newest generation of impurities-removing Tobacco Scan II.

When processed tobacco leaf arrives at the factory, it is checked for quality and carefully blended with other ingredients that the brand recipe may call for, such as flavouring or expanded tobacco.

Sustaining various types of tobacco ingredients and blending components plays a vital role.  Moisture content is also crucial.  The tobacco leaf will crumble if it is too dry; it may spoil during storage due to the high moisture content. The blended tobacco is treated with just the right amount of steam and water to make it supple and is then cut into the form used in cigarettes.  Excess moisture is then removed so the cut rag can be given a final blending and quality check.

Designed to operate 3 shifts a day, our factory can manufacture more than 4 tonnes of cut rag per hour, or 17,000 tons a year. Cut rag from our factory accounts for 1/3 of the total amount manufactured in Vietnam.

Product packing

Modern and high-speed machines are used to produce filters, cigarettes and pack them into packets, 'outer' (cartons) and 'shippers' (cardboard boxes).

The technology has advanced dramatically over the years. Previously, cigarettes are made manually. However, it is now fully controlled automatically. Product quality is a top priority.  Each cigarette is automatically quality controlled to ensure that it meets our global standard.

Packing machines put them into the branded packs, wrap the packs in protective film and put them into cartons and cases. There is test at each stage to make sure the cigarettes are properly protected before the completed packing and ready for distribution.